Hanging At The Mystery Box

Checking out the local scene is not what I spent time on this weekend, instead I hop-skipped over the course of two days to a four band event. It gave me way more than I was expecting.

Having called my own station The Unknown Artist Hour this new venue has given me room to wonder about how to create intrigue. Upon entering said venue there’s a counter where the door-man may spy you from the semi-transparent metal mesh of a door. Past this open door is a massive warehouse space filled with hanging lighting materials of music videos past, present and future and what appears to be a multi-colored barn-door which prompts you to wonder, am I supposed to go in there?

The answer of course is yes, that is likely where the band is setup on a stage hammering out their song in a room that does not play nice on the reverb. In short the artists play loud and proud so bring your ear-plugs, if the door-man hasn’t already suggested you use pieces of toilet paper as temporary ones. You will be needing these if you plan to leave the mystery box with a working set of ears. Of course you may get a better picture by checking out www.mysterybox.guru yourself.

The mystery box gives more than a concert’s fair share, with three different large spaces and fitting furniture and artwork. I have a ten by ten carpeted apartment riddled with audio equipment, there’s not much intrigue in this space and I certainly now would like to add more.



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