Awesome and Yet Chaotic Code

I’ve learned several new things this week. One: I have the capacity to come up with awesome ideas and their instant solutions in code Two: I exaggerate a lot. Now I’ve had humbling moments before, but there’s a particular point where a developer faces his code and goes…that was stupid.

Specifically I was show-casing my station to one of my uncles, granted he is older. I know he hasn’t programmed in a variety of languages. However, it doesn’t take much to recognize a problem, specially when it spits into your face. This happened on the newer part of the website I’ve been diligently working on Make A Request and it killed my momentum in a split second. In that moment my show-case became two programmers trying to figure out went wrong. He started counting off what I should do to debug it and I of course was rebounding all of his suggestions: no it’s not this…I can see the code it is fine (but of course it wasn’t) it’s executing and following the flow I’m expecting…

At this point I’m tearing my code apart, in a panic, re-writing every line, checking all the if statements, checking the database. Then the real problem becomes very clear. I had made a literal fool out of myself, nothing was wrong with the code, I had earlier made a massive change to the website, and it wasn’t reflected in the piece of code I was using. I had never gone back to update it, I grabbed the old copy of the code changed one line then all the stress was gone.

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