Wandering the Worldly Web

There’s a good reason to enjoy the internet, it can connect you to anyone regardless of where they are. That is of course a double edged sword and we all get a little nicked along the way. Having taken short breaks here and there it doesn’t take long to pick up on why the advantages outweigh the frustration, especially when it comes to music. Music is bad-ass enough on its own, but there are a few bands and artists which make the experience much worse or much more awesome than the chords themselves.

Over the summer I learned first hand why people should really diversify their friends and hang with some band geeks. Being the geeky type, not of the music nature, I am always here on the internet. Living and scrounging for nuggets of coding knowledge to use: I rest peacefully only when something works. Not exactly the person expanding on other skills. Hanging out with bands has opened me back up to my creative aspirations and kicked it into overdrive. In a negative light it is a bit disheartening to watch someone else shred a guitar and sit there wishing you could. On the positive side primordial jealousy is an amazing motivator, so here I am trying to improve my dexterity on a guitar rather than a keyboard.

Maybe I’m just using the wrong instrument, who knows? The internet is a constant learning experience. Short story it’s pretty awesome to meet and greet people across the net, even more so in real life.
*Side note I don’t actually advise meeting people from the internet in real life…people can still suck*

Photo By: Fabienne Serriere


To The Tower with Madus! (Bar in San Diego)

This week I spent some time Madus, a band which performed live here:

In The Tower Bar on Monday night and introduced me to a very crowded space with a lot of people. The whole band as I was told did not come, but instead was performed by only two of the members the drummer Sam and guitarist Dugan. Truth be told I’m not a bar-hopper. I have no idea the quality of the alcohol or the state of affairs. I can only guess this is an  average dive bar, however thanks to Madus showing me a great time in a place none of us had been in I’m now reconsidering what several years living in San Diego should have meant.

That’s not to say I’d now expect people to show up in San Diego only to party / drink. There’s a reputation San Diego has of being a music and party scene which I know it doesn’t live up to, or now I might but in a different way. Just as it also doesn’t live up to the nickname “Sunny” San Diego (sure it’s bright and cloudless…sometimes…and less frequently than what seems to be the rest of California). Monday night has turned me around to look at the scenes I miss because I don’t check out bars, I don’t peruse alcohol-based drinks like some of the college students who I know are collecting bottles of their favorites. That’s to say so far I’ve only really experienced concerts or live studio performances. Live studio work however doesn’t happen nearly so often as concerts and even concerts don’t happen so often in comparison to gigs hosted at places like The Tower Bar. Of course these are regular gigs for musicians so you could very well find merch like a CD or sticker afterwards (the band will definitely appreciate it).

TLDR; If you don’t like alcohol (like me and are 21 and over) see if you can’t find a dive bar near-by you with live music, there may be the cost of a drink to stay but it’ll be worth it if you’re staying for the whole thing. Plus hanging out with a band or two afterwards at in-n-out is something I would like to have happen over and over again.